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Amazing stuff once again. Got nothing really to comment on. And I mean that in the most positive way.

Bertn1991 responds:

Thank you. I'm happy you enjoyed it overall.

Great composition, however the rhythm is as tight as it could have been. Also I'm not a huge fan of the drumset. I feel like the kick drum might be a bit too loud.

sebastien01 responds:

Hey thanks for the review! I turned up the drums volume just before I upload this song because it was not present enough :) Maybe I should have reduced low freq too. Anyways, glad you liked it!

This was very nice in a lot of ways. It was definitely very pleasant to listen to.

However there is a few things I think could be improved:
The transition around 0:20 seems a bit messy, with the different bpm's and sudden change in instruments. That might have been what you were aiming for, but it's a bit much in my opinion.

0:49 the drums in the build up are pretty energetic, but at 0:57 the drums go into a slower beat, which sounds really weird. It's like the drums didn't build up to anything. It's not really anti-climactic, but it's just rather bland.

Small complaint, but the song sounds a bit repetitive to me. Though, since this is for the background of a videogame (i assume) it's not really a problem.

2:13 this change is also very sudden, a bit too sudden I feel like.

3:01 onward: there's a lot of dissonance here between the strings and the piano here, that doesn't really work here.

3:17 again a lot of dissonance here, however it works very well here, since it's part of a massive buildup. Just for comparison.

Anyway, I hope this was helpful!

MysteriousPresence responds:

Thanks a lot for the review ! =3
0:20 was on purpose, but I think I just made an ugly transition here ! X)
I noticed the weirdness at 0:49 but it never bothered me, I don't know why ! But I won't do that again ! X)
It's meant to be the menu theme ! :)
2:13 I should have add more buildup, thanks for making me know ! :3
3:01 But I like the dissonaaances ! :'( I will work on that ! XD
Thanks again for that helpful review ! <3

This is very cool! The key change at 0:32 is sick!

There's a few things that just seem a bit gimmicky and unnecessary in my opinion (stuff like 0:54 and the ending. Also, the transition at 1:17 is a bit too sudden.

That's it. Cool stuff!

Enzo07 responds:

Thanks for the review!!!!

This sounds pretty cool, but I feel like this is missing something, to really pull the sound together. I dunno, something that plays chords, like a pad or a guitar or something. Maybe I'm just talking out of my ass...

SAB0TAI responds:

Thanks for the review and input! You might be right on about it needing some kind of harmonic unifier--especially at the top. Also--your 'castle in a magic forrest' is really lovely.

Only a small thought: I feel like the build up could use some kick drum, it feels a little bit weak in my opinion. Otherwise: good stuff!

Btw, vegetablejuice is f***ing disgusting. I'm taking half a star away because of that (jk).

TIMETRAVL responds:

yea you're right with the kickdrum!

I feel like some of the instruments don't really blend well. They stand out a bit too much, without feeling like they are part of the sound of the song. It kinda sounds like a bunch of different instrument, rather than one coherent sound. Examples of what I mean is the instrument that comes at 0:13, and the sound that comes at 1:29.

I feel like that's a shame really, because, as people have mentioned, the instruments sound really nice, and the progression is amazing, but these things just really stands out to me, as something that could be improved

Drewpy responds:

Thanks so much! I'll try hard to focus on that in the future

I feel like there are a few problems with this song:

At the first bit with music (0:23) I feel like the two parts don't work well together. I like the idea of one contrasting the other, but especially the second part (with the acoustic guitar) seems out of place, almost like the bpm of the sample (i assume it's a sample) doesn't match the bpm of the song.

At the end of that bit, before the break in the middle, the music ends very abruptly. Without going out of your way to find a fancy way to end it, one thing you should keep in mind, is trying to repeat things 4 times if possible (that's just more pleasant to listen to. Don't know why). So, I feel like, if you had repeated the beat at 1:20 4 times instead of 2, it would have felt much less abrupt.

The brass sample at 1:26 doesn't seem to be cut right: you can hear a little bit of sound right at the end of it, which I think is unintentional. I might be nit-picking here, but stuff like that makes it sound a bit amateurish.

The second bit of music, like the first one, ends very abruptly too. I also feel like the two pieces don't really fit together, like they are two completely different songs (though, since this is for a GD level, this makes a bit more sense).

And for the bit that begins at 2:30, it seems a bit weird to me: It almost feels like the ending for the song, since it's a bit toned down compared to the bit before, but then it starts to build up again, and then goes back to being toned down almost immediately afterwards. It feels like too much stuff is happening for it to be an ending, with the build up and all that, but it's too short to be an individual part of the song, like the other two parts, and it ends up being a weird in-between thing. Also it ends too abruptly.

I'm sorry if this review seems a bit harsh, but remember that you don't have to agree with every criticism I have, and that music is subjective. You shouldn't be too concerned about what a random person on the internet thinks :)

DididdProducions responds:

Thanks for the fresh kind of response! Most of the reviewers were focused on it being a stand alone song, which frankly it's not. (ง ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ง
This is me messing around with a DAW and posting the abomination that came out

Absolutely stunning. Decent composition, nothing fancy, but very very pleasant to listen to. The production is almost perfect. It's very ambient and atmospheric, i love it. Would be perfect for a game.

Honestly, i think this is the most professional sounding song I've heard on this site, great job!

Bertn1991 responds:

Thank you for your very kind and thoughtful review. I'm genuinely happy you enjoyed it :-)

Day = made.

It's pretty cool.
Only thing that stood out for me as something i didn't like, was the clap. I don't know why, but it was just a bit distracting.

Other than that, it sounds like a pretty basic arrangement. Not something that will change the world, but it would probably be ideal for the background of a game or something similar. Which might have been what you were going for

demon1000 responds:

Hmm i see your point...Anyways Thanks For the review Man!

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