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As a non-brony, i can safely say: This is fucking genious! The animations are fucking amazing, and the humour is spot on! I can't believe it's only a call for voice actors. I can't wait for the final product (you HAVE to finnish this!).

BTW, Catfood's voice acting is fucking great as well, you should almost keep him in there!

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Amazing stuff once again. Got nothing really to comment on. And I mean that in the most positive way.

Bertn1991 responds:

Thank you. I'm happy you enjoyed it overall.

Great composition, however the rhythm is as tight as it could have been. Also I'm not a huge fan of the drumset. I feel like the kick drum might be a bit too loud.

sebastien01 responds:

Hey thanks for the review! I turned up the drums volume just before I upload this song because it was not present enough :) Maybe I should have reduced low freq too. Anyways, glad you liked it!

This was very nice in a lot of ways. It was definitely very pleasant to listen to.

However there is a few things I think could be improved:
The transition around 0:20 seems a bit messy, with the different bpm's and sudden change in instruments. That might have been what you were aiming for, but it's a bit much in my opinion.

0:49 the drums in the build up are pretty energetic, but at 0:57 the drums go into a slower beat, which sounds really weird. It's like the drums didn't build up to anything. It's not really anti-climactic, but it's just rather bland.

Small complaint, but the song sounds a bit repetitive to me. Though, since this is for the background of a videogame (i assume) it's not really a problem.

2:13 this change is also very sudden, a bit too sudden I feel like.

3:01 onward: there's a lot of dissonance here between the strings and the piano here, that doesn't really work here.

3:17 again a lot of dissonance here, however it works very well here, since it's part of a massive buildup. Just for comparison.

Anyway, I hope this was helpful!

MysteriousPresence responds:

Thanks a lot for the review ! =3
0:20 was on purpose, but I think I just made an ugly transition here ! X)
I noticed the weirdness at 0:49 but it never bothered me, I don't know why ! But I won't do that again ! X)
It's meant to be the menu theme ! :)
2:13 I should have add more buildup, thanks for making me know ! :3
3:01 But I like the dissonaaances ! :'( I will work on that ! XD
Thanks again for that helpful review ! <3

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